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Surprise Transformation

Free preview here! The huge text in the preview does not appear in the full video.

Title: Surprise Transformation

Length: 09:09

Format: 1080p MP4

File size: 584mb

Price: $11.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


In this video, I wear a red and black babydoll with matching thong. I’ve brought you home from a club for sex. I walk in and tell you I changed into this sexy outfit for you because I know what you want. I know you’re expecting something sexual to happen. But, I have a confession. That’s not why I brought you back to my place. You see, I have a bit of a hobby. Seducing innocent men and transforming them into animals. But what to transform you into? I feel like doing something dramatic today, not just a little mouse or cat. A pig maybe? Or a dog? Donkey? I think a pig would be just perfect for you! I start transforming you with my magic spells and describing the changes. Your nose turns into a snout, your jaw elongates, your arms and legs shorten, your hands and feet turn into trotters, your belly grows into a potbelly, you grow a little curly tail. You try to resist but you’re too weak. God, even as a pig, you’re still lusting after me, aren’t you? I can see the way you’re looking at me. But you'll never get a human girl again, especially not one this sexy.


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