I have a lot of pre-made extreme porn on this site, but a lot of people have very specific tastes. Maybe you've never found exactly what you're looking for here? So how would you like to direct your own extreme porn audio, where I say whatever you want, even saying your name? An audio made exactly to your requirements? That's a custom audio!


I always deliver custom audios on time, I have a track record of excellent reviews, all my audios are high quality, I'm a native Brit so my English is impeccable, and my 5+ years in this industry guarantee you won't get an amateur performance.



I re-sell all extreme custom audios (except exclusive extreme custom audios) on this website. By purchasing a non-exclusive extreme custom audio, you are acknowledging that your audio will be re-sold to other customers.


I retain exclusive copyrights to all my audios. It's illegal for you to sell or share the audio in any way, at any time. If you do so, you will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law and banned from making any future purchases.


Anything that I need to purchase to make your audio will be paid for by you. I usually use Amazon.co.uk gift cards for this.


If your custom audio includes any of these things, it is "extreme". If it doesn't, it's a regular custom audio, which you can order here.


  • Ageplay (pretending to be under 18 or talking about individuals under the age of 18).

  • Raceplay (any racist language, e.g. the n-word).

  • Rapeplay (any mention of non-consensual, drunk, sleeping or forced sexual activity).

  • Animals (any mention of sex with animals).

  • Drugs (any mention of them).

  • Death (any mention of it).

  • Extreme vore (vore to death).

  • Any mention of prostitution.



Base cost for extreme custom audios:

$6 per minute

Minimum 10 mins, maximum 30

Saying your name:

$25 extra

I charge extra for this because audios including a name don't sell as well when I re-sell them.

Exclusive extreme custom audios:

$75 extra

An exclusive extreme custom audio is not re-sold on any of my websites, it is for your ears only. If you pay the $75 exclusive fee, you don't need to pay the $25 name fee. I will say your name in your exclusive extreme custom audio without the $25 fee


I deliver extreme custom audios by sending you an email containing a download link. You click on the link, download your audio and keep it forever!


I may or may not be able to continue making extreme custom audios during the COVID-19 crisis. Please feel free to email me your order/request, and if I am able and willing to make it, I will.

If I'm not able to make your request, I will email you when I am able to make it, whenever that may be. If you are no longer interested by that point, that's fine. If you are, we can make your audio then!


To order an extreme custom audio, email kaidence.king@yahoo.co.uk and tell me:

  • Length of audio

  • If you want me to say your name (and if so, what your name is)

  • If you want it to be exclusive

  • What you want me to say

  • Any voice requests (e.g. accents, soft/rough voice etc.)


You can send me an extremely specific script, or just send a general outline and let me figure out the specifics. It's completely up to you how detailed or brief you want to be.