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Interracial First Date

Free preview here! The huge text in the preview does not appear in the full video.

Title: Interracial First Date

Length: 10:50

Format: 1080p MP4

File size: 931mb

Price: $13.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


This video contains the n-word. It is bleeped in the free preview above, but the full video is uncensored. We walk into my bedroom together and I close the door behind us. “I had a really awesome time tonight, I hope you did too?” You answer my question by kissing me. “Wow. I don’t normally do this, but do you want to stay for a while?” You say yes, so I tell you to sit on the bed. Then I start stripping in front of you, teasing you with my body. I tell you how I’ve been looking forward to this all evening, but then I say something stupid. “I’ve never had an n-word dick before.” I gasp and clap my hands to my mouth. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to say the n-word, it just slipped out!” But you say you don’t mind. In fact, it kind of turns you on. You tell me to say it whenever I want. “Really? It turns me on too. Why don’t you take that n-word dick out for me and stroke it while I get naked?”

I gasp at the size of your huge black cock. “Oh my God, it’s so big!” I get on my knees and start sucking it, barely able to fit it in my mouth. “I just have to know what it feels like in my pussy!” I climb on top of you and start riding your huge cock. “It’s so big! It’s so deep inside me! It’s true what they say about black guys!” After a couple of minutes of riding you, I know I need you on top of me. “Get on top of me and feed me that big n-word dick in my hungry white pussy.” After a couple of minutes, I turn around and get into doggystyle, telling you that I know black men love ass. You fuck me in doggystyle, and then I do reverse cowgirl, bouncing my white ass up and down on that black cock. Eventually you cum inside me as I beg you for that big load of n-word cum, moaning with pleasure. I slide your cock out and sit back, catching my breath. “You should stay here tonight, I think I’m going to need more of that n-word dick in the morning.”


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