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Audio Only - K9 Audio 3

Title: K9 Audio 3

Length: 31:24

Format: MP3

File size: 36mb

Price: $18.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


Remember last time we saw each other? When you had a little...encounter with my Great Dane, Fido? Of course you remember, how could you forget? It must have been one of the best days of your life. I know you loved it. But why? Do you think you’re a furry? Or an Anamorph? I think you’re an Anamorph. I don’t think you want to dress up and roleplay being an animal. I think you want to be fully transformed into an actual animal and live as one every single day. Specifically, I think you want to be a bitch dog. I think you loved being my dog’s girlfriend for the day and I think you want to turn into a real bitch and be his proper, live-in girlfriend so he can fuck you whenever he wants. And do you just have a fetish for animal sex? Do you just find it fun and exciting to imagine being fucked by dogs, because of the naughty, taboo nature of it? Or are you an actual zoophile, attracted to dogs as if it is your sexuality? I think you are fully zoosexual. This isn’t just some fetish fun for you, you find dogs sexier than any humans, male or female. They turn you on, you are attracted to dogs and only dogs. But don’t be embarrassed. Embrace it. Accept it. You can’t change your sexuality by being ashamed of it, you have to embrace it. I think you should embrace it right now, today. By having another little encounter with Fido, would you like that? Of course you would. I describe in immense erotic detail as I lead Fido in, have you sit underneath him and smell him, reminding you of his scent as he sniffs you and remembers yours. Then I instruct you to take his cock in your mouth, it’s already hard just from the smell of you, he must remember how good it felt to fuck you last time. You lick his ass and he licks yours, then he slides his cock in between your ass cheeks and up and down your back, teasing you. Eventually he slides it in your tight, wet hole and you feel it stretching to accomodate him. I describe in extreme detail as he penetrates, knots and fucks you until you cum, spurting spunk out your cock and gushing juice out of your ass. Feeling you cum sends him over the edge and he fills your ass up with a massive load. See, I told you embracing your dogsexuality would feel good.


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