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Audio Only - K9 Audio

Title: K9 Audio

Length: 30:31

Format: MP3

File size: 35mb

Price: $18.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


I start this audio by telling you I have a surprise task for you today, and I think you’re going to enjoy it. I start describing in detail the outfit I want you to wear. I order you to put on a pair of paw gloves, describing in detail the feeling of the fur against your skin. Then a leather tail harness, a K9 cock sheath and a dog mask, describing each piece in detail, how it feels and looks on you. Then I tell you to get on all fours, because today, you’re going to be my little sissy human bitch dog. I walk you on all fours out to my kennels, where I introduce you to my Great Dane, Fido. I tell you that the special role I need you to perform is to be my dog’s bitch. He’s so horny, he won’t stop humping anything and everything so I need you to satisfy him. I order you to sit between his legs and just breathe in his scent for a moment, feel his fur against your face. I describe his cock and how hard it is. Then I tell you to take his big dog dick in your mouth and suck it. I give extreme, graphic, erotic descriptions of you sucking his throbbing hard cock and him eventually fucking your throat. I tell you I know you’re loving it. You love being his little bitch dog. Then, when I can tell he needs more, I tell you to get on all fours and I lead him behind you. I get him to sniff your ass and you feel his wet nose against your asshole. Then I tell him to lick your ass because it’s going to need to be soaking wet for him to fuck it. I give more erotic description of him licking your ass, then I order him to fuck you. I graphically describe him sliding his cock inside you, knotting you and fucking you, his front paws grabbing your waist tight and hard as he pounds you. I tell you how big, strong and powerful he is, how he could mount you, dominate you and destroy your ass if he wanted to. I tell you I know how much you’re enjoying this. You’re enjoying it even more than you loved sucking his cock. You tried to hide it, but you can’t hide the physical signs of enjoyment now. I see that juice gushing out of your ass, I see how hard your cock is under the sheath. I give long, erotic descriptions of him fucking you until you cum. I laugh at you while you cum, laughing at you for cumming from a dog cock. Not long after you cum, he cums too. I describe him filling you up in extreme detail, and his cum gushing out of you as he pulls out. But then he goes back in and starts fucking you again! I tell you that you better get used to it, because it’s only dog cock for you from now on. I told you he’s a horny dog! I put a tag on your collar which says “Fido’s bitch”. I laugh at you and walk away, telling you I’m leaving my dog to fuck you as much, as hard and as long as he likes.


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