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Asian Cuckold Humiliation

Free preview here! The huge text in the preview does not appear in the full video.

Title: Asian Cuckold Humiliation

Length: 25:53

Format: 1080p MP4

File size: 2.02gb

Price: $29.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


This video contains lots of Asian/Chinese racial humiliation and the word chink. It is not included in the free preview above, but it is said several times in the full video. I walk in wearing a professional outfit. "Hey boss. Listen, I know I'm just an intern, but I need to talk to you. So, while I was on your computer working, I found some interesting files. You have a cuckold fetish, don't you?" You admit it, and I know I’ve hit the jackpot. I ask you how it would go down if everyone you knew found out about it. I tell you that you’re going to surrender to me, or I’ll post everything online. I seduce you into transferring control of your bank accounts and your entire firm to me. Then I tell you that I've seen the way you stare at me. "Having a girlfriend like me would be your dream come true, wouldn't it? Well now that I'm the real owner of the firm, I'm going to make you my real cuckold. That means you're going to publicly acknowledge me as your girlfriend, but I'll fuck whoever I want." I start humiliating you while slowly stripping off. I call a friend and tell him to come to the office. Then I fuck him right in front of you. I moan with pleasure and tell you how huge his dick is and how tiny yours is. “Well, I shouldn’t be surprised, chinks always have tiny dicks.” Eventually he cums deep inside me, and I cum too. “I suppose I should let you fuck me now.” I lie back and let you fuck me, humiliating you for getting a big dick guy’s sloppy seconds. I don’t moan while you fuck me, because your dick isn’t big enough to hit my spot. I tell you I noticed all the foot porn you have, and tell you to cum on my feet. Then I get you to lick it all up. "Now I own your company, all your accounts and I own you. See you tomorrow!"


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