Racial Tease

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Title: Racial Tease

Length: 09:24

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This video contains the n-word. It is bleeped in the free preview above, but the full video is uncensored. I walk into my bedroom wearing just my bra and panties and I'm shocked to find my gardener sitting on my bed. I tell you the only person who should be in my bedroom apart from me is the maid. The clue is in the title, you're my gardener, you should be in the garden. Suddenly, things take a turn as I start saying shocking things to you. I tell you that you're not the house slave, you're the field slave and niggers don't belong in white Goddesses' bedrooms. I ask you if you were looking for panties to sniff or sex toys to steal. I start teasing you with my body, caressing myself and showing off my white skin. I tell you I know you want this perfect, pure, porcelain body but you're never going to get it because I'm not into bestiality, I don't fuck monkeys. My body is pure, I have only ever had real men, real (white) cock inside me and I'm not about to dirty myself up and lose my value for a dirty field nigger. I know you're probably desperate to see and feel a pink pussy and pink nipples instead of the brown ones you're used to, I know this snow white skin turns you on, but fantasies are the closest you'll ever get, because I don't fuck niggers. A couple hundred years ago, I could have done anything I wanted to a field nigger who had the audacity to enter my bedroom. And if I ever find you in my bedroom again, I’ll do whatever I want to you and I'll make up some story about how you came at me and who will they believe, the white Goddess or the field nigger? Now get back in the garden.