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Mouse Transformation

Free preview here! The huge text in the preview does not appear in the full video.

Title: Mouse Transformation

Length: 08:25

Format: 1080p MP4

File size: 700mb

Price: $10.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


I walk into the room wearing tight jeans, stiletto boots, a low cut top and a coat. I take my coat off and shut the door. I turn around and see you lying on the bed and I tell you I'm really disappointed in you. What do you mean what am I talking about? At the pub earlier that guy insulted us and you did everything you could to avoid a fight. You should have knocked him out, but instead you acted all timid, like a timid little mouse. Look I've been thinking, and I don't think this relationship is going to work any more. I was just going to end it peacefully, but after tonight, I think I'm going to have to use one of my special recipes on you. I probably should have done this a long time ago, but now I know my mistake and I know it must be done. You are not a man. It seems you are a mouse, so that’s what I’m going to turn you into. I get some cheese, a knife and a glass of special clear potion. I cut pieces of cheese off, dip them in the potion and feed them to you. You start changing and I describe all the changes to you. First you feel whiskers sprouting from your cheeks. Then your nose turns pink and stretches out into a little mouse snout. Your ears get big and round, proper little mouse ears! Your hands and feet turn into paws. Do you feel that? A long mouse tail just wormed and squirmed its way out of your tailbone. How does it feel having a long mouse tail? Men don't have tails, but mice do! Soft grey fur grows all over your shrinking body. Aww, you look so cute now! But most girls are scared of mice, so you'll never be with a human girl again, will you? You shrink down more and more, eventually becoming a full mouse. Finally, you're a proper mouse, exactly as you deserve to be!


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