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Leather Duct Tape Executrix

Free preview here! The huge text in the preview does not appear in the full video.

Title: Leather Duct Tape Executrix

Length: 16:35

Format: 1080p MP4

File size: 1.33gb

Price: $19.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


You are my ex-boyfriend and you really broke my heart when you broke up with me, and I decided I was going to get my revenge. So I invited you round to my house. The video starts with me wearing a cute outfit. “Hi babe! Thank you so much for coming. Sit down, have a drink.” I hand you a glass of water. “Listen, I invited you round because I’ve been thinking about you a lot and I miss you and I wanted to see if you’ve missed me too. And maybe we could think about spending some time together again? Drink up babe.” As you drink, you get sleepy and the screen slowly fades to black as you close your eyes and fall asleep. This is just the first minute of the video.

The screen slowly fades up again and you see me, standing at the foot of the bed wearing a black leather catsuit (which is very low-cut and shows off a lot of cleavage), black knee-high leather boots and black leather gloves. My hair is in a high ponytail and I’m wearing black lipstick. I ask you if you’re waking up and you say yes. I ask you if you want to know what happened. “Well, you know that glass of water I gave you to drink? I put something in it to make you fall asleep, and then while you were sleeping, I tied your wrists and ankles to my bed so you’re bound on your back, spread eagle. I’m going to make you suffer, like you made me suffer in our relationship. You really fucking hurt me, and it’s my turn to make you hurt. And I’ve brought along a little device which is going to help me hurt you.” I take out my inflatable butt plug and show it to you, demonstrating how the plug swells when I squeeze the pump. I tell you I’m going to slide it in your ass, pump it up and stretch your ass to its limits. “I’m really going to make your ass hurt.” You start protesting, shouting, screaming. “Ugh, I knew you’d do this. I knew you’d scream, so I brought some duct tape too.” I put several layers of duct tape over your mouth and tell you it could be worse, you see these scissors I’m using to cut the duct tape? I could be using those on you instead, be grateful it’s just a butt plug! Finally after a few layers of tape, you’re silent. Good, I can torture you in peace. I slowly slide the butt plug in your ass, laughing at your muffled attempts to ask me to use lube. Then I start pumping the plug up, making it stretch and widen your asshole out. I laugh and taunt you, enjoying your pain and suffering. After a while, I notice that your cock starts getting hard. “Hey, is me pumping up your ass making your cock hard? Well, I’m evil but I’m not cruel. I’ll let you cum. And then I’ll set you free, OK?” I start stroking your cock (in POV, out of frame) with my black leather glove, pumping and stroking rhythmically. After a few minutes, I can feel your cock throbbing and I know you’re about to cum. I count you down from 10 and make you orgasm hard when I get to 1. “Wow, that was a big load! Stretching your ass out must really turn you on. Look, I know I said I’d set you free after you came, but the thing is, if I let you go, you’ll just make some other poor girl suffer like you did to me. I can’t have that. I have another idea.”

I walk out of the room and come back in with a clear plastic bag. I order you to stay still (like you have a choice) as I open it up and place it over your head. Then I take the duct tape again and use it to secure the bag around your neck. You’re really trapped now. There’s no escape. Your hands and feet are bound, your mouth is covered so no-one will hear you scream, and your head is so tightly wrapped in plastic, you’re about to suffocate to death. I start laughing as I watch you struggle. “You deserve to die. If I let you live, you would just go and make other girls suffer like you hurt me. I can’t have that. I’m doing the world a favour.” I laugh as I imagine someone finding you, bound by your hands and feet, a massive inflated butt plug in your ass and a big load of cum on your belly. I laugh at your attempts to get free and after a minute or two of laughing and evil taunting, I notice your eyes starting to close. “That’s it, just fall asleep and let it happen. Bye!” I wave as your eyes close and the screen fades.


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