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BBC Anal White Boy Humiliation

Free preview here! The huge text in the preview does not appear in the full video.

Title: BBC Anal White Boy Humiliation

Length: 16:17

Format: 1080p MP4

File size: 1.23gb

Price: $19.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


This video contains the n-word. It is not included in the free preview above, but it is said several times in the full video. “Hey white boy. Are you looking at my body? Oh come on, you could never get this.” I start humiliating you and all white men. I tell you girls like me are only interested in big black cock. I strip off, sensually revealing my body. I take a tiny white dildo and tease it, then laugh and throw it away. Then I take my 12 inch black cock and tell you that this is what I need. I lie down and show you how wet my pussy is, thinking about n-word dick. I start masturbating, then I slide the huge black dildo in my ass. I fuck my ass hard while talking about how much better black men are, how pathetic white boys like you are. Then I take it out of my ass and suck it. “Black dick turns me on so much, I’ll suck it right after it’s been in my ass, I don’t even care.” Eventually I slide the footlong dick all the way inside my ass, making it completely disappear. Then I push it all the way back out again. “You think I could do that with your little dick, white boy?” Then I fuck my ass while masturbating until I cum, talking about white boys going extinct. I tell you to cum when I cum, shoot your worthless sperm into your hand, keep it out of the gene pool. Good boy. N-word dick is so much better.


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