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Audio Only - K9 Audio 2

Title: K9 Audio 2

Length: 32:35

Format: MP3

File size: 37mb

Price: $19.99

Order: Email and tell me the names of the videos/audios you want to order.


Remember last time we saw each other, when I turned you into my sissy little bitch dog? I think we’re going to continue with that theme today because I know you loved it. I put you in a new outfit, the same dog mask, K9 cock sheath and paw gloves as before, but this time I put you in a latex bodysuit with a built in whippet tail and a studded collar with leash. I describe putting each item of clothing on you, the feel of it against your skin, the memories each item brings back from last time. Then I tell you that I know how much you loved being fucked by my Great Dane last time. I know you probably don’t want to admit it, but you loved being dominated, mounted, penetrated and fucked by his big muscular body and his thick, veiny dog dick. I bring my Great Dane out again and describe him in extreme erotic detail, his muscular body, his sleek brown fur, his massive, throbbing cock. I tell you I’m going to give you an opportunity to embrace your love for dog dick, and I order you to take him in your mouth. I describe in massive detail how he feels in your mouth, you opening up and taking him in your throat, how he tastes and smells. After a few minutes, I lead him around for you to lick his ass, and describe that in detail too. Then you both swap and he sniffs and licks your ass, getting it ready for his cock. Finally he mounts, knots and fucks you, which I describe in massive detail, his paws holding your sides tight as he dominates you. I talk all the way through about how much you’re loving it, your cock as hard as the dog’s is, your ass gushing juice. Eventually, I describe you cumming out of your cock and your ass, and the dog cumming very soon afterwards. I describe him filling your ass with his massive load of hot dog spunk. I ask you if you’re ready to live as my dog’s bitch and you say yes, so I tell you that the thing about real bitches is that they serve multiple dogs. Then I bring out my German shepherd, describing him in detail, including the fact that I have loads of problems with him because he’s so horny, he humps anything and everything he can find. I make making you do everything you did to the Great Dane to him, then when his cock is ready, I get him to fuck your ass while the Great Dane fucks your mouth and throat. I describe you being double teamed and spitroasted by 2 dogs in massive erotic detail. Eventually I leave you to enjoy it, knowing you and the dogs are all going to cum again at least once.


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